The Bale Band-It is an automatic small square bale packaging machine. Taking small square bales directly from the baler, the Bale Band-It stacks the bales 3 high and 7 deep creating a 21 bale bundle that can be handled with standard loader attachments. The Bale Band-It’s fully automated system unloads on the go, providing continuous, non-stop baling. This in-the-field packaging solution creates efficiencies from producer to end consumer, making it the ultimate one man baling operation.

Advantages for producer:

  •  Eliminates manual labor in handling small square bales
  •  Greatly increases producer’s capacity in handling small square bales
    •  Handling 21 or 42 bales at a time drastically reduces the time associated with handling small square bales.
    • Fully utilize the capacity of your small square baler
  • Bale more, handle less with the Bale Band-It.
  • Each step along the way, sturdy Bale Band-It bundles increase efficiencies
    • From field to trailer
    • From trailer to storage
    • From storage to customer
  •  Accurate bale inventory counts can be done quick and easy
  •  Time to tie down loads is greatly reduced

Advantages for end consumer:

  • Purchasing an efficiently made, value added product has many built in advantages.
    • Make every dollar pay for hay rather than handling inefficiencies.
    • Move bundles with loader until you are ready to feed one flake at a time.
    • Better storage utilization
    • Increased leaf retention
  • Never limited:  can always open bundle and you are right back to your small square bale.

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                       iBand-It App


The Bale Band-It is protected by one or more of the following U.S. patents:  6,182,563  6,397,738  6,655,266  and multiple foreign patents.

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