400 – Photo 3 Ready, Waiting for the Bale

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– The machine is waiting for the elevator to move the bale at Photo 2 to Photo 3.

– If this message is shown and there is no bale at Photo 2 to move to Photo 3, then the lens on Photo 2 needs to be cleaned. If the lens of Photo 2 is partially covered by dirt or chaff or if Photo 2 was prematurely tripped by a foreign object, the bale at Photo 1 would not have had enough time to move to Photo 2 before the horizontal elevator chain shut off. Nothing needs to done other than continue baling. The baler will continue to push the bales back and eventually the vertical elevator (which in this case, is continuously running) will take the next bale and clear out the false trip.


-Elevator will have the following state:

– Horizontal elevator will be off.

– Vertical elevator will on.


Things that could cause a ‘false’ trip:

– A lens that was at one time wet with dew or hydraulic oil and collected dust.

– A piece of chaff being continuously in front of the lens.

– The photo sensor’s distance adjustment being set too far and reflecting off the pressure plate (Photo 2).