300 – Photo 3 Error, Unplug power and clean Photo 3

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– The machine has stored the bale at Photo 2 and is waiting for Photo 3 sensor to be ‘off’. Photo 3 is ‘off’ when a bale or foreign object is blocking the view of the photo sensor. Occasionally, chaff or dust can cause this error to occur. Disconnect the main electrical and hydraulic power. Once the main electric cord has been disconnected, open the banding box lid and remove any chaff or dust from the view of Photo 3. Once this has been done, reconnect electrical and hydraulic power. The elevator will then turn on, moving the bale from Photo 2 to Photo 3 and the machine will continue operation.

Note: If you do not disconnect the main electrical power prior to clearing the view of the photo eye, you will ‘false’ trip Photo 3 and the machine will miss count by one bale.


-Elevator will have the following state:

– Horizontal and Vertical elevator will be off.


Things that could cause a ‘false’ trip:

– A lens that was at one time wet with dew or hydraulic oil and collected dust.

– A piece of chaff being continuously in front of the lens.