028 – Waiting for Strap Guides to be at top position

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Note: The machine has turned on the Strap Guide Arms motor and sent them up. When the Strap Guide Arms magnet reaches the Bale Position 0 sensor bar switch, the machine stops the motor. The machine is waiting for the magnet to reach the Bale Position 0 sensor bar. The switch is located upper mid way of the sensor bar at the brown mark.

– Check that Strap Guide Arms are in time with each other. They should be the same height. If their heights vary ½ inch (12.5 mm) or greater then they are at least one gear tooth out of time. A quick way to check their heights is to compare the distance between the Vertical Plunger plates to the Strap Guide plates. The right side should be the same distance as the left side. In order to prevent the Strap Guide arms from getting out of time, keep their chains tight.

– Check that hydraulic power is still on to the machine and that return line is still connected.

– Check that a bale, excess hay or foreign object is not preventing the Strap Guide Arms from rising.

– Check that the directional valve is not stuck.