“I am very pleased to recommend the Bale Band-It 200 to other interested consumers.  This piece of equipment has allowed me to significantly increase my square bale sales and profitability, while reducing my labor expense and increasing my customer’s satisfaction due to the reduced loading time and the customer’s ease of transportation.

If I do encounter issues with the machine, I can always rely on friendly, knowledgeable customer service; any day of the week, any time of the day.  And if parts must be shipped, the excellent staff at GFC performs above and beyond my expectations to expedite my down time.  I have even received warranty updates to my machine before I ever realized I may encounter an issue.

I am starting my second season with the Bale Band-It 200 and can easily say I value the performance and time management of the Bale Band-It and would not go back to the old way of handling square bales.  I farm, run a custom haying & harvesting operation and also own an erosion control company, and without a doubt it is one of the best investments I have ever made.”

~Doug Merz


We are the Riley Brothers in Adams, Tennessee. Currently we own 5 Bale- Bandits. These machines truly are a “man hour” saver. We can run with the combines and be bailed, loaded and out of the field in minimal time with less labor.

Our farmers, landscapers and Co-op’s really like the ease of handling the 21 bales bundles with pallet forks instead of by hand.

~ Bobby Riley