Bring in your used Bale Band-It and our shop will inspect, upgrade, and get you ready for your next cutting.  (Must be scheduled in advance.)

The Bale Band-It is continuously being optimized for cost, performance, and dependability.  Every year there are improvements being made.

Although the Bale Band-It is always looking forward, the design does not ignore previous year models.  Every innovation to the new year model, we try to make available in the form of updates to the older units.  However, there are some innovations that are not feasible to apply to older units.  Yet we strive to provide all our customers with as many tools in their toolbox to decrease cost and increase dependability and performance.

Bale Band-It Update System:

Request update information for your serial number Bale Band-It, and this is what you will receive:

  • Up-to-date listing of all updates available for your serial number
  • Documentation for each of those updates
    • Overview of update
    • Procedure for installing the update
  • Price quotation for update parts

This gives you all the information at your fingertips to make intelligent decisions.

  • You decide if the update is applicable to your operation.
  • Reviewing the procedure you understand how much effort is required for each update.
  • You pick and choose which updates you want and which updates you do not.
  • You decide if you want to apply the update or to have Pike’s shop technicians apply the update.