Nitro Boost Option


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The Nitro Boost Option attaches to the Bale Band-It and incorporates into the Bale Band-It’s hydraulic system. This one option installed on your Bale Band-It lets you utilize many different tractors.

 Lower Hydraulic Requirements for Bale Band-It equipped with the Nitro Boost Option:

  • 15 gpm (56.8 lpm) flow or higher
  • Open Center (fixed displacement pump), or Closed Center (variable displacement pump)
  • Tractor must be able to be set at 2950 psi (203.4 bar) relief pressure

 The Nitro Boost Option works in conjunction with the hydraulics on both the model 100 or 200 Bale Band-Its. Nitro Boost utilizes two hydraulic accumulators and a manifold to boost the performance of the Bale Band-It when utilizing either low flow or open center tractors. Never before would 15 gpm (56.8 lpm) open center tractor hydraulics operate a Bale Band-It. Now with the Nitro Boost Option the 15 gpm (56.8 lpm) open center pump will operate the Bale Band-It at maximum performance without damaging the pump.


Components of the Nitro Boost Option:

  • Accumulators: Stores pressurized hydraulic fluid
  • Manifold: Integrates the Nitro Boost to the Bale Band-It
  • Pressure Switch: LCD display giving real-time hydraulic pressure of system
  • Electric Box: Microprocessor displays and controls inputs / outputs
  • Manual Shutoff Valves: Isolate Live Power to the accumulator


FAQ for Nitro Boost Option:

Is the Nitro Boost Option available for my Bale Band-It?

Ans:     Yes, the Nitro Boost Option is available for both model 100 & 200 Bale Band-Its.

How is the Nitro Boost Option superior to other alternatives that use external pumps?

Ans:     Advantages over external pump systems:

  • Lower initial cost
  • Lower long term cost
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Longer product life
  • Streamlined, self-contained, and out of the way
  • No pto
  • No engine
  • No noise

Why may the Nitro Boost Option be better than buying a tractor that meets the Bale Band-It’s normal hydraulic requirements?

Ans:     Typically the cost difference between the cheaper gear pump and the more expensive piston pump option is significantly more than the cost of the Nitro Boost Option. The Nitro Boost Option also gives you more flexibility, as many operators have several tractors that can operate a Bale Band-It equipped with Nitro Boost, but many operators only have one tractor that can operate a standard Bale Band-It without the Nitro Boost Option.

What is a hydraulic accumulator and is it dangerous?

Ans:     Hydraulic accumulators are energy storage devices. They use a nitrogen filled bladder to store hydraulic fluid under pressure.

The accumulator concept is similar to a pressure tank used with a typical well pump. Well pumps pump water to fill the pressure tank and thereby compressing the bladder and increasing the pressure. When water is needed, the compressed bladder then expands and provides pressurized water. Hydraulic accumulators are different in that the fluid used is hydraulic oil and it is at much higher pressures.

Since there is stored energy, it is important that those that operate and those that service the Bale Bandit equipped with Nitro Boost follow all safety procedures outlined in the Nitro Boost manual and as specified in the Nitro Boost Training Seminar.

Hydraulic accumulators are in many industrial and mobile applications. If used or serviced inappropriately they can be fatal, however, by following proper operating and service procedures they can safely be used.

How does the Nitro Boost Option allow a lower flow tractor to operate the Bale Band-It?

Ans:     The Bale Band-It has a hydraulic flow rate requirement that is variable from well over 25 gpm (94.6 lpm) to 0 gpm (0 lpm) and everywhere in between.  After analyzing this variable flow rate the average flow rate was found to be around 15 gpm (56.8 lpm).  Therefore a 15 gpm (56.8 lpm) pump is able to satisfy the hydraulic requirements of the Bale Band-It if we could store the excess oil being pumped when the Bale Band-It didn’t need it and let it be available when the Bale Band-It needed the extra flow.  That is exactly what the accumulators do. Hydraulic accumulators are a storage tank with an internal nitrogen gas filled bladder. When hydraulic oil is pumped into the accumulator the bladder is compressed. When the Bale Band-It requires additional oil, then the pressurized nitrogen in the bladder expands, pushing the oil out at high pressure and high flow.

When the Bale Band-It’s flow requirements are less than what the pump is outputting then the pump fills the accumulators.  When the Bale Band-It’s flow requirements are more than what the pump is outputting then the accumulators discharge so that the flow that the Bale Band-It receives = pump flow + accumulator flow.  This is how the Nitro Boost Option allows 15 gpm (56.8 lpm) pumps to operate the Bale Band-It with no decrease in performance.

How does the Nitro Boost Option allow the Bale Band-It to use an Open Center Fixed Displacement Pump?

Ans:     Nitro Boost includes a small manifold that mounts and hydraulically connects to the Bale Band-It.  Within this manifold there is a pressure switch that detects when the accumulators are fully charged.  When the accumulators are fully charged it then switches the incoming tractor flow to dump back to the tractor’s tank at no pressure and therefore no heat buildup.  The Bale Band-It maintains its system pressure and operation due to a check valve holding the pressure. When the Bale Band-It requires additional flow it is instantaneously provided by the charged accumulators. When pressure switch detects that accumulators are not full, then it directs tractor flow back to the Bale Band-It for machine operation and for charging the accumulators.  When pressure switch detects that the accumulators are fully charged, then tractor flow is then dumped back to the tractor’s tank at no pressure.  This system will continuously cycle like this so that the Bale Band-It always has adequate flow and so that the fixed displacement pump on the tractor does not heat up.  The fixed displacement pump does not develop excessive heat because either 100% of the flow is being utilized for work, or 100% of flow is being returned back to tank at no pressure.

What is the estimated life of the hydraulic accumulator?

Ans:     Hydraulic accumulators are being used in industrial applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Due to the long life seen in these industrial applications we foresee the Nitro Boost accumulators to last a long time.

Who can install the Nitro Boost option?

Ans:     The Nitro Boost Option must be installed by Pike Mfg. or a Pike-approved Nitro Boost Installer. If you purchase a new or refurbished Bale Band-It from Pike Mfg., then request the Nitro Boost Option and it will come pre-installed.

What training is available?

Ans:     Operators are required to attend a free Nitro Boost Training Seminar. Nitro Boost training covers topics such as Safety, Functionality, Operation, Tractor Setup, etc.

Are there any other considerations when determining if my tractor will work?

Ans:     The lay of the land and tractor horsepower. Smaller horsepower tractors with 15 gpm (56.8 lpm) pumps can operate a baler and Bale Band-It with Nitro Boost Option on flat to semi-flat land with no problems. However, as the lay of the land gets steeper the tractor needs more horsepower to climb the hills and may start to power out under the combined load of pto, hydraulics, and terrain.