iBand-It Introbale bandit line

Intuitively linking you to the small square baler and Bale Band-It™


iBand-It app raises the bar above the traditional dealer support system

Direct Support System:

  • Speed                   Now
  • Information            More information than any other support system
  • Expertise              Bale Band-It™ technicians just a video conference call away
  • Technology           Utilizes the power of pioneering technology creating the most advanced support system in the world

The Controls tab is a helpful area that allows you to safely control parts of the Bale Band-It™ from the tractor seat.  This gives more on-the-fly control and keeps you in the seat longer for more forage production. There are many built in safeties that prevent the operator from damaging the machine.  The buttons are only accessible when connected to a Bale Band-It™ (ie ONLINE).

iBand-It app records actual cycle times of key functions on the Bale Band-It™.  If the function is performing slower than the normal rate for that gpm, then the gauge indicator goes in the red, and the badge on the Performance tab appears.  This provides an indicator that there may be a problem with a specific function.

Please note that if problem occurs in the field, then the troubleshooting data for your specific operation code is just a one touch click to access.   No searching required.

Important Note: This app will only work with the Bale Band-It™ equipment that has the new Bluetooth LE module. In order to utilize the stroke counter features, the Baler Stroke Counter module is also needed.

FAQ for iBand-It app:

If I purchase a new Model 200 Bale Band-It™ will it be equipped to connect to the iBand-It app?
Ans:  Yes, new Bale Band-It’s™ are sold with the new Bluetooth W2.2 board and Stroke Count hardware as standard equipment.

Do I purchase iPad through Pike Mfg.?
Ans:  No.  Apple does not currently offer an OEM program.

How do I purchase an iPad for my New Model 200 Bale Band-It™?
Ans:  Purchase your iPad through an Apple reseller.  Go to https://www.apple.com/buy/ to shop online or to find the closest reseller near you.  Before purchasing an iPad for use with the iBand-It app please view the iBand-It app requirements.

Is the iPad I purchase locked to a specific carrier?
Ans:  Yes.  When you purchase an iPad you will specify which carrier the iPad is locked to.

What if I already have an iPad, will mine work?
Ans:  In order to utilize the iBand-It app and link via Bluetooth connection to the Bale Band-It™ the iPad must be 3rd generation or higher.  In order to utilize the GPS mapping feature the iPad must be the Wi-Fi + Cellular model.  No additional service plans are required to utilize the GPS feature.  Just take your iPad to a Wi-Fi connection and all your GPS data is visible.  Please view the full iBand-It app requirements.

How much does the app cost?
Ans:  The iBand-It app cost is approximately $9.99 US.  Please check App Store for up-to-date pricing.  In order to upgrade an earlier Model 200 to connect to the iBand-It app additional hardware charges also apply.

Can anyone download the iBand-It app?
Ans:  Yes, the iBand-It app is available on the App StoreSM.  The downloadable app comes with a sample database of information so you can explore some of the features of the app without connecting to a Bale Band-It™ machine.

Will the iBand-It app work on my Model 100 Bale Band-It™?
Ans:  The iBand-It app will not work on any Model 100 Bale Band-It™.

 Will the iBand-It app work on my Model 200 Bale Band-It?
Ans:  Any Model 200 Bale Band-It™ can be updated to interface with the iBand-It app on iPad.

What powers the Baler Stroke Counter on the baler?
Ans:  Two AA lithium batteries power the Baler Stroke Counter on the baler.  Therefore there are no wires to connect or disconnect between your tractor and baler.  Complete wireless connection.

How long will the AA batteries last?
Ans:  The batteries should last at least a season.  It is a good practice to shut down the iBand-It app when done for the day.  This will help battery life if you store the iPhone or iPad within Bluetooth® range of your baler.  Also at the end of the season it is a good practice to remove the two AA batteries from the battery holder.

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