Tie Cycle

New Features:

  • Revolutionary new design gives 100% more clearance between Strap Guide Arm and Fetcher. Greatly increasing time between required maintenance.
  • Eliminating carriage derailing possibilities.

Fetcher Swing Dovetail Design

  • Fetcher Swing’s dovetail slide design provides positive sensor activation.
  • Ensuring accurate sensing data is sent back to the computer.


UHMW V-Slide Carriage

  • Carriage’s V-Slide UHMW design greatly increases surface area for force to transfer over, while eliminating V groove rollers.
  • Outside UHMW slide is fully adjustable, providing a long lasting wear surface on a low cycle system.



Carriage Stop – Rail Removal

  • Repositioned the stop and greatly increased clearance between fetcher and rails.
  • This opens up the working window to provide incredible dependability even when variables are thrown at it.


Reduced Cylinder Pressure

  • Reduced pressure to fetcher cylinder during extend & retract strokes.
  • Keeping forces low in fail-safe situations by allowing cylinder stall out while keeping carriage on track.
  • Still maintaining fast flow speeds.
  • Once fetcher is in home position, valve shifts giving full system pressure for clamping.



DesStaCo Red Handle Clamp

  • Utilizing new DeStaCo product with a 50% larger holding capacity.




Carbide Gripper in DeStaCo Clamp

  • Carbide gripper directly mounts into the clamp, simplifying operation.



Undercarriage Slide

  • Skid plate now slides in a linear motion allowing strapping to vary in performance, yet operate flawlessly in strap retrieval.



More Fetcher Clearance

  • Revolutionary new design gives 100% more clearance between Strap Guide Arm and Fetcher.
  • Greatly increasing time between required maintenance.


Strapping info:

One of the keys to the Bale Band-It’s solid packages is the steel strapping that ties it all together.

Standard sized strapping: 1/2″ x 0.020″ regular duty steel strapping with approx 1170lb break strength.

The Band-It requires ‘premium’ grade (not economy grade), regular duty (not high tensile) strapping.

Pike Mfg’s preferred strapping supplier, DuBose Strapping & Packaging, delivers quality strapping at aggressive pricing.  Call DuBose at 800-354-3020 for a strapping quotation.

Beveled Edge for small square bales with twine:

The Bale Band-It bevels the edge of the steel strapping as it comes off the banding drum. The strapping comes in contact with the twine at each corner of the bundle. This bevel puts the smooth bent surface against the twine. This allows significant force from the strap to be against the twine while protecting the twine from being cut. For wire bales the beveling can easily be disabled.

Seal-less Seals: The banding operation utilizes a seal-less seal design that stamps the strapping and causes the top and bottom strap to interlock together. There are no left over pieces. There are also no additional pieces, as the seal-less seal design utilizes only the strapping. No clips needed, giving you a stronger more efficient seal.

One set of strapping (2 rolls) will bundle approximately 122 bundles (or 2,562 small square bales).