Pickup Unit

Adding In-The-Field Versatility.

Bale Pickup Option:                           One option gives you the best of both worlds

  • Available for any Model 200 Bale Band-It.  (Pickup option can always be added later.)
  • Switches from Pickup mode to behind the baler in minutes.
  • Great for multi-baler operations where baling window is small and bale pickup window is larger.
    • Allows you to be most efficient during baling time by pulling the Bale Band-It behind your baler, then
    • Switch over to Pickup mode to bundle remaining bales from additional balers, keeping capital investment to a minimum.



  • Robust ground driven design
    • Geared so that you drive the perfect speed, whether fast or slow.  Giving you a smooth pickup without damaging your bale.
  • Floats over rugged terrain

    1. Ground drive wheel is positioned so pickup height is perfect over wide range of slopes.
    2. Skid plates will carry weight of chute if crossing over ditches, while tube extensions float and direct the bale to center of chamber.
    3. When encountering large ditches or end rows, the pickup attachment can be hydraulically raised.


Transport Hitch:

  • 3 available positions:  2 field positions + 1 in-line transport position
  • Pull pin and swing entire transport hitch to dock alongside the frame.

Chute Changeover:

  • Watch how you can easily change from one mode to the next mode in less than 10 minutes!

The following videos show how the Pickup Unit changeover can be completed without the aid of hydraulics.


The following pictorial method shows how you can change from Baler Mode to Pickup Mode using hydraulics to conveniently position chute in place:

Use jack to set desired height

Remove baler hitch from receiver









Slide pickup chute into receiver

Lower & rotate jack in stowaway position









Remove 2 red pins

Rotate Transport Hitch into position









Hook up hydraulics and lift Pickup Unit

Add cylinder safety stop









Install roller chain

Ready to pickup bales!