Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Optimization

The front chute is one of countless design optimizations making the Band-It more simple, streamlined, stronger, dependable, and cost effective.

Front chute redesign, eliminating 20 parts for a 13.5% lighter, stronger, more streamline transition to your baler.

 Front Chute Weldment


Using 6,000 watts of laser cutting power to rapidly cut very complex and high quality parts.  Incredible versatility from cutting shim stock to 1” thick.  1” cutting capabilities allows us to optimize our cylinder force paths by connecting them to critical areas of the chassis.

Press brake

Incredibly flexible 6 axes CNC controlled back stops make productivity and repeatability a daily expectation.  258 tons of power goes to work with the graphical touch screen control, making short work of many complex parts.  Coupled with the sophisticated off line programming ensures first off parts will bend exactly as designed.


Fully adjustable weld fixtures hold tight tolerances while maximizing output.

Allowing new innovations to quickly become part of the standard work flow.


Rigid CNC machining utilizing superior tooling outputs consistent parts.

Fast positioning and cutting rates make short work of big jobs.



  • Powder coat paint from small parts to main chassis.
  •  Chassis utilizing 270º rotating prep / paint cart to ensure even coverage.
  • Purchasing premium raw materials to secure great paint adhesion.

Bale Band-It Assembly

From electrical assemblies to final hydraulic runoff, all done in-house to ensure continuity in flow, expertise, and quality.

Assemblies are quality checked and adjusted as they go together, and key areas checked again upon final runoff.  All to ensure that the Bale Band-It is field ready for many years of service.

Superior design, premium materials, high-end equipment, and competent employees yield a quality dependable product.