The fully automatic Bale Band-It ties on the go and unloads on the go.  The electrical system requires no operator input for operation.

Keep feeding it small square bales and the Bale Band-It will keep bundling 21 bale bundles.

The Bale Band-It Electrical System performs 3 primary functions:

  1. Outputs:   Energizes solenoids to drive hydraulic cylinders and motors.
  2. Inputs:    Waits to receive information via. photo eyes, reed switches, and Hall effect sensors.
    –    These sensors track bale status & cylinder / motor position.
  3. Communicates with operator via Wireless Bluetooth® Monitor.

Robust V.6.08 circuit boards are a key component to a proven electrical system.

  • Wireless Bluetooth® module plugs directly onto board.
  • Simple LED indicators give you quick in depth troubleshooting information.
    • Green LED’s indicate outputs computer is sending.
    • Red LED’s indicate inputs computer is receiving.
  • Utilizing Solid State switching components.
  • Mini automotive fuses protect outputs circuits & input devices.
  • Rocker switches utilize the functionally rich features:
    • Easily switch from 18 to 21 bale bundles.
      • 18 bale bundles used for the 16″x18″ small square bale.
      • 21 bale bundles used for the 14″x18″ small square bale.
    • Easily switch a board from the front electrical box to the band electrical box or vice versa.
      • Boards are completely interchangeable.
    • Option Switches provide additional adjust ability to fit your operation.
      • These boards work on any monitor.  Old style or new, switch sequence tells computer what monitor it is communicating with.
      • Monitor can beep or stay silent when unloading a bundle onto the ground.  This is helpful when hay is light and ground speeds are high.
  • AA Lithium Battery maintains bale count memory.  Lasts approx. 3-5 years.
  • Decals strategically placed to give you informative electrical layout information.
  • Manual overrides to manually eject bundle.
  • Switch to turn on flashers.