Model 210

The Bale Band-It Model 210 is Pike Mfg. Corp.’s most advanced model of the Bale Band-It.

The Model 210 builds off of the many improvements that were introduced in the Model 200. Now equipped with additional sensing capabilities and convenient side ladder, the Model 210 continues the development of the machine that has revolutionized the small square hay bale industry.

Large Flotation Tires

  • Rear wheels are now sporting a 14L 16.1 flotation tire.
  • 8 on 8 Hub with a beefy 2.75” diameter spindle.


Pike Mfg. Corp.

To provide our customers with the highest quality products we brought manufacturing in house.
Every Model 210 Bale Band-It has been produced in Pike’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Quality Products Start with Quality Ingredients:

  • Model 200 and 210 Bale Band-Its have been completely redesigned utilizing over a decade of in-the-field experience.
  • Premium raw materials keep equipment cleaner and more accurate, while securing great paint adhesion.
  • Utilizing high-end equipment: From start to finish
  • Competent employees who care about the product they are producing.

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Tie Cycle

An integral part of the Bale Band-It, the Tie Cycle consistently cuts and seals the strap, providing a dependable sealing solution.

Model 200 & 210 design is significantly superior.

 New design eliminates carriage derailing possibilities by:

  • Fetcher Swing’s dovetail slide design provides positive sensor activation
  • Carriage’s V-Slide UHMW design greatly increases surface area for force to transfer over, while eliminating V groove rollers.
  • Repositioned the stop and greatly increased clearance between fetcher and rails.
  • Reduced pressure to fetcher cylinder during extend & retract.

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Main Rail

  • The Main Rails facilitate quick linear motion over a long distance, while providing a smooth surface for poly slides to glide on.
  • The now nickel coated Main Rail provides a slicker surface for the poly slides.
  • The Model 200 & 210 Main Rail design has been strengthened with robust mounting.  Smoothly transferring the forces to the chassis.

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Shorter Bale Length

  • The Model 200 & 210 Bale Band-Its give you the flexibility of bale lengths from 35″ to 42″.
  • Allowing you to adjust to meet the demands of your market.


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Vertical Plunger

The Model 200 & 210 Vertical Plunger has been optimized for performance.

  • Smoothed the swing cylinder action by adding cushioning on both extend and retract strokes.
  • Adjustable large surface Poly Wear Discs take longevity to a new level.
  • The Wear Holder EZ-Lock makes adjusting simple.  No tools are needed.
  • UHMW anti-swing ears protects the plunger when hydraulics are depowered


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Strap Guide Arm

Dependable system just got better:

  • Greatly increased time between scheduled maintenance
  • New design gives 100% more clearance between Strap Guide Arm and Fetcher.
  • Poly Wear Discs give fine tune adjustability.
  • Instead of replacing wear parts (@ 40,000 bales) we now adjust them.
  • Strap Guide Arm Drive now incorporated within the chassis.

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Industrial Mobile Hydraulics performing at its best:

The Model 200 & 210 have upgraded the tried and true design, improving flow and adding new features.

  • Horizontal Plunger has more flow, working quicker and more effectively.
  • Elevators driven by their own hydraulic motors.  Efficient direct “pull” design.
  • Manual valve on elevator gives you quick flexibility in the field.
  • Reduced fetcher pressure during stroke, to provide a fail safe system.
  • … Just to name a few!

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Quick, Consistent, and Dependable electric system utilizes the proven V.6.09 circuit boards. 

  • Wireless Bluetooth® module plugs directly onto board.
  • Simple LED interface showing inputs & outputs
  • Utilizing Solid State switching components
  • Common Mini automotive fuses protect output circuits & input devices
  • Built-in functionality is easily accessible via on-board rocker switches

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Strapping Flow


  • Easier to thread design, makes threading quicker & easier.
  • UHMW replaceable strap guides, provide an easier flow for strapping.

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Pickup Unit

Adjusts for your dynamic workplace… the hay field.

  • Pull the Bale Band-It directly behind your baler, while baling.
  • Switch to Pickup mode to bundle bales that secondary balers dropped on the ground.
  • Switches from Baler mode to Pickup mode in minutes.
  • Available for any Model 200 or 210 Bale Band-It.

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Bale Band-It Monitor app for iPad®!iBand-It App

iBand-It brings a new level to the Bale Band-It’s operation featuring an in-depth monitoring structure that informs the operator on bale and bundle counts, bales per hour, baler stroke gauge, Band-It operation status, busted bale alert, tie cycle, and bundle unloading.

Features also include controls to manipulate the Band-It to tailor to your needs as well as a GPS mapping system that allows operators to see how well each field produces. iBand-It also provides performance information in key areas to prevent downtime, alerts of any maintenance needs, has a built in Band-It learning center, and in-depth step by step troubleshooting system!

The iBand-it app connects to the Bale Band-It via Bluetooth®.


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Increased Capacity

The Model 200 and 210 Bale Band-Its can handle a bale consistently every 5.5 seconds through the tie cycle. 

  • Maximize the capacity of your small square baler.
  • Increase your throughput with Bale Band-It Bundles


Bale faster, bale better, that’s what the Bale Band-It allows you to do.

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Kicker Assembly

The Model 200 & 210 provide a more robust, longer-lasting assembly in a high cycle area. 

  • Kicker shaft rotation maintained by self aligning bearings
  • Non-rotatable, greaseable pin in a hardened drill bushing eliminates wear in cylinder yoke and in rotating arm.


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Elevator Bale Management

The Bale Band-It’s Feed as Ready design utilizes photo eyes to automatically manage the bales and utilize the system’s soaring capacity.

  • Can handle a bale every 5.5 seconds throughout the entire 21 bale cycle.
  • Elevator chains run only when bale is present and ready to be stacked.

Infrared Photo eyes provide years of dependable sensing, outlasting their mechanical counterparts.

Elevator Drive System:

  • Designated hydraulic motors at both elevators give an efficient direct “pull” design.
  • Direct drive shafts are short and mounted in self aligning bearings.
  • Motors and shafts have open top access for easy replacement.


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Back Gate Slides



Back Gate Slides provide smooth telescoping operation:

  • Keeping drag down and yielding evenly compressed bundles.
  • UHMW Slides provide a long term smooth wearing solution.

Compression Zones

Compression Grooves are critical in making and  keeping tight packages.  Exclusive to the Bale Band-It.

Compression Groove Definition:

3″ deep grooves that are compressed into both the top and bottom of the bundle.

What it accomplishes:

    • Creates an ultra dense surface for the steel strapping to be placed against.
    • In these grooves strapping is 12″ shorter than the outside dimensions of the bundle.

Benefits to you and your customers:

    • Unparalleled bundle quality.
      • Superior package rigidity
      • Self supporting
      • Stable stacks
    • Solid packages can take more abuse, load quicker, stack higher, more secure shipping, with less tie downs than other methods.
    • Even after the hay shrinks and many handlings later you have a package that is solid and easy to move.
    • Easily use pallet forks or other standard attachments.
      • 3” grooves provide ample room to get under bundles and to separate bundles on top of bundles.

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Back Floor

The Bale Band-It unloads on the go, providing continuous baling operation.

  • Back Floor automatically lowers the previously made bundle onto the ground.
  • Two bales later in the cycle the Back Floor automatically raises.

Back Floor floats over uneven terrain.  Smooth… Simple.