Model 200

Large Flotation Tires

  • Rear wheels are now sporting a 14L 16.1 flotation tire.
  • 8 on 8 Hub with a beefy 2.75” diameter spindle.


GFC Manufacturing

To provide our customers with the highest quality products we brought manufacturing in house.
Every Model 200 Bale Band-It has been produced in GFC’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Quality Products Start with Quality Ingredients:

  • Model 200 Bale Band-It has been completely redesigned utilizing over a decade of in-the-field experience.
  • Premium raw materials keep equipment cleaner and more accurate, while securing great paint adhesion.
  • Utilizing high-end equipment: From start to finish
  • Competent employees who care about the product they are producing.

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Tie Cycle

An integral part of the Bale Band-It, the Tie Cycle consistently cuts and seals the strap, providing a dependable sealing solution.

Model 200 design is significantly superior.

 New design eliminates carriage derailing possibilities by:

  • Fetcher Swing’s dovetail slide design provides positive sensor activation
  • Carriage’s V-Slide UHMW design greatly increases surface area for force to transfer over, while eliminating V groove rollers.
  • Repositioned the stop and greatly increased clearance between fetcher and rails.
  • Reduced pressure to fetcher cylinder during extend & retract.

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Main Rail

  • The Main Rails facilitate quick linear motion over a long distance, while providing a smooth surface for poly slides to glide on.
  • The now nickel coated Main Rail provides a slicker surface for the poly slides.
  • The Model 200 Main Rail design has been strengthened with robust mounting.  Smoothly transferring the forces to the chassis.

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Shorter Bale Length

  • The Model 200 Bale Band-It gives you the flexibility of bale lengths from 35″ to 42″.
  • Allowing you to adjust to meet the demands of your market.


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Vertical Plunger

The Model 200 Vertical Plunger has been optimized for performance.

  • Smoothed the swing cylinder action by adding cushioning on both extend and retract strokes.
  • Adjustable large surface Poly Wear Discs take longevity to a new level.
  • The Wear Holder EZ-Lock makes adjusting simple.  No tools are needed.
  • UHMW anti-swing ears protects the plunger when hydraulics are depowered


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Strap Guide Arm

Dependable system just got better:

  • Greatly increased time between scheduled maintenance
  • New design gives 100% more clearance between Strap Guide Arm and Fetcher.
  • Poly Wear Discs give fine tune adjustability.
  • Instead of replacing wear parts (@ 40,000 bales) we now adjust them.
  • Strap Guide Arm Drive now incorporated within the chassis.

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Industrial Mobile Hydraulics performing at its best:

Model 200 has upgraded the tried and true design; improving flow and adding new features.

  • Horizontal Plunger has more flow, working quicker and more effectively.
  • Elevators driven by their own hydraulic motors.  Efficient direct “pull” design.
  • Manual valve on elevator gives you quick flexibility in the field.
  • Reduced fetcher pressure during stroke, to provide a fail safe system.
  • … Just to name a few!

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Quick, Consistent, and Dependable electric system utilizes the proven V.6.08 circuit boards. 

  • Wireless Bluetooth® module plugs directly onto board.
  • Simple LED interface showing inputs & outputs
  • Utilizing Solid State switching components
  • Common Mini automotive fuses protect output circuits & input devices
  • Built-in functionality is easily accessible via on-board rocker switches

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Strapping Flow


  • Easier to thread design, makes threading quicker & easier.
  • UHMW replaceable strap guides, provide an easier flow for strapping.

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Pickup Unit

Adjusts for your dynamic workplace… the hay field.

  • Pull the Bale Band-It directly behind your baler, while baling.
  • Switch to Pickup mode to bundle bales that secondary balers dropped on the ground.
  • Switches from Baler mode to Pickup mode in minutes.
  • Available for any Model 200 Bale Band-It.

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Bale Band-It Monitor app for iPad®!iBand-It App

iBand-It brings a new level to the Bale Band-It’s operation featuring an in-depth monitoring structure that informs the operator on bale and bundle counts, bales per hour, baler stroke gauge, Band-It operation status, busted bale alert, tie cycle, and bundle unloading.

Features also include controls to manipulate the Band-It to tailor to your needs as well as a GPS mapping system that allows operators to see how well each field produces. iBand-It also provides performance information in key areas to prevent downtime, alerts of any maintenance needs, has a built in Band-It learning center, and in-depth step by step troubleshooting system!

The iBand-it app connects to the Bale Band-It via Bluetooth®.


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Increased Capacity

The Model 200 Bale Band-It can handle a bale consistently every 5.5 seconds through the tie cycle. 

  • Maximize the capacity of your small square baler.
  • Increase your throughput with Bale Band-It Bundles


Bale faster, bale better, that’s what the Bale Band-It allows you to do.

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Kicker Assembly

The Model 200 provides a more robust, longer lasting assembly in a high cycle area. 

  • Kicker shaft rotation maintained by self aligning bearings
  • Non-rotatable, greaseable pin in a hardened drill bushing eliminates wear in cylinder yoke and in rotating arm.


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Elevator Bale Management

The Bale Band-It’s Feed as Ready design utilizes photo eyes to automatically manage the bales and utilize the system’s soaring capacity.

  • Can handle a bale every 5.5 seconds throughout the entire 21 bale cycle.
  • Elevator chains run only when bale is present and ready to be stacked.

Infrared Photo eyes provide years of dependable sensing, outlasting their mechanical counterparts.

Elevator Drive System:

  • Designated hydraulic motors at both elevators give an efficient direct “pull” design.
  • Direct drive shafts are short and mounted in self aligning bearings.
  • Motors and shafts have open top access for easy replacement.


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Back Gate Slides



Back Gate Slides provide smooth telescoping operation:

  • Keeping drag down and yielding evenly compressed bundles.
  • UHMW Slides provide a long term smooth wearing solution.

Compression Zones

Compression Grooves are critical in making and  keeping tight packages.  Exclusive to the Bale Band-It.

Compression Groove Definition:

3″ deep grooves that are compressed into both the top and bottom of the bundle.

What it accomplishes:

    • Creates an ultra dense surface for the steel strapping to be placed against.
    • In these grooves strapping is 12″ shorter than the outside dimensions of the bundle.

Benefits to you and your customers:

    • Unparalleled bundle quality.
      • Superior package rigidity
      • Self supporting
      • Stable stacks
    • Solid packages can take more abuse, load quicker, stack higher, more secure shipping, with less tie downs than other methods.
    • Even after the hay shrinks and many handlings later you have a package that is solid and easy to move.
    • Easily use pallet forks or other standard attachments.
      • 3” grooves provide ample room to get under bundles and to separate bundles on top of bundles.

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Back Floor

The Bale Band-It unloads on the go, providing continuous baling operation.

  • Back Floor automatically lowers the previously made bundle onto the ground.
  • Two bales later in the cycle the Back Floor automatically raises.

Back Floor floats over uneven terrain.  Smooth… Simple.