HD Twin 40

Coming soon! A better way to bale hay!


The HD Twin 40 Baler, when paired with a Bale Band-It, is the only baler in the industry to give you the easy handling of a 40-lb small square bale in the barn while also giving you the efficient handling, transportation, and storage of a large square bale everywhere else.

Our baler was designed with the farmer in mind, with twine boxes that swing out of the way and ladders that tip up for ease of threading. Every baler also comes with pre-installed hydraulic and electric lines for use with your Bale Band-It.


Benefits of the Twin-Bale

More hay in your shed

Stack bundles higher with more stability

Our new Twin-Bales allow you to store more hay in your shed for two reasons: First, their high density means there is 67% more hay in each cubic foot compared to regular bales. And beyond that, the wider base and stiffer bundles allow you to safely stack 4 bundles on top of each other, making use of more vertical space in your shed.

More hay in your trailer

Use the road weight you’re paying for

When hauling traditional small square bales, the volume of your trailer is the limiting factor. But, since FTL freight is charged by the mile and not by the pound, every pound under max legal road weight is lost profit. With Twin 40 Double-Bale bundles you can fill your trailer to max weight with room to spare, while still delivering the 40-lb bale that your customer wants.

More hay in your truck

No tie downs required

Load your customers half as often, because with HD Twin 40 Double-Bale bundles, you can now safely load 42 convenient 40-lb Twin-Bales is the back of a standard pickup truck.

Convenient for carrying

Same weight, shorter length

Twin-Bales are easy to handle. With their compact size, Twin-Bales bales can be carried directly through doorways and other narrow spaces without needing to be turned awkwardly.

How it works