Will it work behind any baler?

Will the Bale Band-It work behind my particular baler?

The Bale Band-It will work behind any (14” x 18”) or (16” x 18”) small square baler provided the following:

  • It has a wagon hitch that provides a mounting location in the center of the bale chamber.
  • The center of the pin hole in the baler hitch needs to be adjusted 8-10 inches from the main chamber of the baler.

General compare & contrast:

In-line balers have a narrower overall width.  This is beneficial if you haul the baler on trailers often.

Offset balers’ right hand tire is right in line with the Bale Band-It’s right hand tire (since the Bale Band-It is also offset).    This is beneficial if you pull the baler / Band-It combination down the road behind your tractor often.  The in-line baler places the Band-It’s right hand tire approximately 3′ past the right hand tire of the baler.