Tractor Requirements

What tractor specifications does the Bale Band-It require?

 Electrical System

  • 12 volt

 Hydraulic System

  • Closed center
  • Variable displacement piston pumps only
  • No fixed displacement gear pumps
    • Minimum 2500 psi (165 bar), 2700 – 2900 psi recommended
    • Hydraulic oil flow
  • Recommended 25+ gpm (94.6+ lpm)
  • Minimum 20 gpm (75.7 lpm)

See the Nitro Boost Option for lower hydraulic requirements without sacrificing Bale Band-It performance.

 Note: The Bale Band-It must be connected to a tractor (or pump system) that has a closed center system. This type of pump is also known as a piston pump or a variable displacement pump. The equipment will not work properly with a open center, gear pump system. If ran on a gear pump, overheating and damage could occur to the pump and cause issues with equipment operation. Even if a tractor pump is rated at a high flow, if it is an open center system (or fixed displacement) it cannot be used. GFC does not recommend using a fixed displacement pump, even though some of them are setup as ‘load sensing’ and are technically ‘closed center’. Fixed displacement pumps (gear pumps) are available on some model of tractors with high flows, but please do not use them with the Bale Band-It. GFC recommends a closed center system that uses a variable displacement pump. When selecting a tractor to operate with the Bale Band-It it is also important to look at the gallons per minute at the remote, not just pump capacity. Feel free to contact GFC with any questions concerning tractor hydraulic requirements.

The hydraulic oil flow to the Bale Band-It directly effects how fast it operates.  If you have 20 gpm then the Band-It will operate just as fast as a 25 gpm except at the tie cycle.  If you are baling at the maximum capacity of your baler then you may have to slow down at this time.  Whereas if you had 25 gpm then you could continue to bale at maximum capacity throughout the entire process.

There are no horsepower requirements.  The Model 200 Bale Band-It weighs 8,500 lbs empty and can have up to 35 bales of hay within it at one time.  The Bale Band-It pulls like a wagon (supports its own weight), so you do have the wagon weight that must be pulled.  You need a large enough tractor for the terrain that you have.