Bale Tracker




Bale Tracker is a baler monitor option for model 100 Bale Band-It users.

Turns your iPhone® into a wireless Bluetooth® baler monitor:
(Important Note: This app will only work with the GFC Baler Stroke Counter module.
The baler module can be purchased directly from GFC.)

Bale Tracking System
– Records the GPS location of every bale
– Displays location of bales on a map
– Easily see how each field produces for each cutting, for each year!
– Three types of bale logging: Daily, Manual and Favorite
– Manually enter notes to each log for saving additional records like bale weight &
moisture level.

Stroke Counter
– Run at baler’s maximum capacity
– Make uniform and consistent length bales
– Adjust ground speed to account for the windrow size
– For more information on the benefits of the Stroke Counter (*see below).

Bales Per Hour
– Indicates current baling rate
– Monitor current productivity and performance

Bale Counter
– Easily see the number of bales produced without leaving the seat of the tractor.
– Create a Manual History Log by pressing the bale count Reset button.

Twine Counter
– Indicates current twine usage
– Low twine alert
– Out of twine alert

Low Battery Alert for Baler Stroke Counter module





*Benefits of a stroke counter:
How does a stroke counter help me do the following?
– Make uniform and consistent length bales
– Adjust ground speed to account for the windrow size
– Run at baler’s maximum capacity

One of the key ways to bale uniform and consistent length bales, is to produce about a 3″ thick flake. For example, a 36″ long bale would require around 12 strokes. If the stroke count is 9 or 10 then you would decrease your ground speed. Conversely, if the stroke count is 14 or 15 then you would increase your ground speed. Notice the tractor’s rpm is not adjusted, just the ground speed. Tractor PTO rpm should always remain at 540. This will keep you in a good range for the baler to consistently make uniform bales. It allows you to run at your baler’s full capacity, because you are consistently baling as fast as you can make uniform bales.

FAQ for Bale Tracker app:

Will the Bale Tracker app connect with my Bale Band-It?

Ans: No. The Bale Tracker app connects to the Baler Module that you mount on your small square baler.

What is the difference between the iBand-It app and the Bale Tracker app?

Ans: The iBand-It app is designed to interface model 200 Bale Band-It’s with the iPad. It gives you both Bale Band-It information as well as baler stroke information. The Bale Tracker app is designed to interface your small square baler with the iPhone. It does not give you any Bale Band-It information. The Bale Tracker app is a great option for those who have the model 100 Bale Band-It.

How much does the app cost?

Ans: The app cost is approximately $24.99 US.  Please check App Store for up-to-date pricing.  The downloadable app comes with a sample database of information so you can explore some of the features of the app without connecting to the Baler Module. But in order to utilize the app on your small square baler, additional hardware charges would apply.

What powers the Baler Stroke Counter on the baler?
Ans:  Two AA lithium batteries power the Baler Stroke Counter on the baler.  Therefore there are no wires to connect or disconnect between your tractor and baler.  Complete wireless connection.

How long will the AA batteries last?
Ans:  The batteries should last at least a season.  It is a good practice to shut down the Bale Tracker app when done for the day.  This will help battery life if you store the iPhone or iPad within Bluetooth® range of your baler.  Also at the end of the season it is a good practice to remove the two AA batteries from the battery holder.


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